Which Sedin Will Score More Next Year? Part 2: The Role of Ehrhoff

One Sedin is happier than the other

Last week, I started looking at all the goals the Canucks scored the past two years where only ONE Sedin scored a goal. I found that, while Henrik stayed fairly consistent in points-sans-brother (PSB), Daniel made a big jump from 09/10 to 10/11 due in large part to scoring without his brother on the power play.

So does that mean Daniel won’t outscore Henrik again unless the Canucks power play maintains its number one ranking from last year? Let’s look at another angle.

Personnel. Maybe Henrik or Daniel have a particular chemistry with a specific forward or a specific defenseman. Today, I’m mining the data and looking for what other Canucks were in on these goals.

Here’s the data (I only included players that spent a majority of their time with the Sedins; the most points anyone else got was 2 (Demitra in 09/10; played the point on the PP):

2009/10 PSB Linemates

2010/11 PSB Linemates

A clear trend emerges between forwards and defensemen. The forward linemate of the Sedins (Burrows at ES in both years; Samuelsson and Kesler on the PP in 09/10 and 10/11 respectively) contributes fairly equally to their PSB totals. We see no tendency of either Sedin brother to favour the third guy on their line.

(Fun fact: Steve Bernier spent just as much time as Samuelsson with the Sedins on the PP in 09/10 and I didn’t see his name once in the dataset. Make of that what you will.)

On the other hand, in both years the brother that went on to win the Art Ross clearly used his defensemen well. In 2009/10, Henrik got more help than Daniel from Edler, Salo and Bieksa; in 2010/11, Daniel got more help from Ehrhoff, Samuelsson, Bieksa and Edler (Samuelsson counts a defenseman for our intents and purposes in 2010/11 because his main time was playing the point on the PP). This makes sense. Someone’s got to get those extra points if the other brother doesn’t. 

The one deviation from this trend? Ehrhoff.

In 2009/10, the season Henrik was supposed to be the guy driving the offense, Ehrhoff actually contributed more to Daniel’s PSB (5 to 2). And his contributions to Daniel’s PSB in 10/11 nearly triple his contribution to Henrik’s. He’s the only defenseman not to align with the Art Ross winner in both years.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Why is that?

Maybe Daniel and Ehrhoff have a chemistry? Maybe Ehrhoff takes the right shots so Daniel can hunker down on the rebounds? At the very least, it raises doubts as to whether or not Daniel can sustain his PSB totals from last year. Considering a potential drop-off in team PP efficiency and the definite loss of Ehrhoff, could Henrik retain the bragging rights next year?

Next time: Video review of the goals (now we know what to look for!).

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